Membership Guide

Manawatu Chapter

Patriots DFMC Manawatu Chapter wish to grow their ranks by inviting ‘qualified’ persons to apply for membership. The following is a guide to inducting a Full Member into the Manawatu Chapter.

A potential member will be introduced to the Club as a result of:
a) A  personal invitation to participate by a Full Member (Sponsor)
b) Personal contact with another Patriot or Nominee
c) As a result of publicity or promotion
d) By participating in a public ride or rally where Patriots attend
e) Submitting an EOI form from the club website

Certain criteria must be met to allow the application to proceed. These are:
a) Be a New Zealand Citizen or New Zealand Resident
b) Provide proof of Armed Forces Service Record with their application.
c) Ride a motorcycle of 250cc or greater, (excludes Trail bikes)
d) Be invited to apply to become a member by the committee and complete the application to join form along with a non refundable application fee of $30
e) Meet the Membership Criteria as set from time to time by the Chapter.

All Applications for Membership will be treated in the following manner:

1. The potential member will be invited to attend various Club rides or social events.

2. The Sgt at Arms or a member of the committee may then invite the potential member to apply for membership by completing an application form and submitting the form to the Secretary for processing.

3. Once an Application for Membership (along with the correct fee) is received by the Secretary, the Secretary will:
a. Record the date of receipt on the form
b. Check that all the applicant’s personal details are correct
c. Ensure the ‘Proof of Service’ is attached
d. Ensure the applicant’s Patriot sponsor has signed the Application
e. Hand the appropriate fee to the Treasurer
f. Enter the applicant’s details and update the EOI / Nominee database.
g. Submit the application for review & signing by the Sgt at Arms & applicants sponsor at the next available meeting.
4. The Secretary will then contact the applicant, to arrange with them to attend various rides and/or social functions.
5. At this time the person will be referred to as an ‘Applicant’

6. The Sgt at Arms will be the sole point of contact (POC) for arranging these ‘Nominees Rides’

7. The Sgt at Arms will then liaise with the executive committee & ‘Applicant’ to arrange a suitable ‘Nominee’s Ride’ in conjunction with other Chapter activities.

8. When the Sgt at Arms advises the President that the ‘Applicant’ has completed his ‘Nom ride’ the President will (at the next appropriate Chapter meeting) present the Applicant with a ‘Nom Pack’ which includes the Patriots Manawatu rocker.

9. At this time the person will be referred to as a ‘Nominee’

10. When the Sgt at Arms advises the President that the ‘Nom’ has served a period of not less than three (3) months from the date of receipt of their application and appropriate fee, the President will (at the next appropriate Chapter meeting) call for a vote of Full Members to accept the Nominee.

11. A minimum of 51% of the Full Members present at the meeting must be in favour for the application to be accepted.

12. The Nominee will then be presented with a Patriots Badge and become a ‘Member’.

13. The Member will then pay the remaining annual subscription due, as from time to time will be determined by the Chapter.

14. The secretary will email the new member a copy of the club ‘Articles of Association’ which he/she must familiarise himself with”.

15. The Member will then serve a minimum review period of not less than six (6) months within the Club, during which time the President and Committee or a Club meeting may revoke membership for any indiscretion during this period.

16. At the end of the six month review period and in the absence of any move to have their membership revoked, the Member may then be considered a ‘Full Member’

17. Acknowledgement of gaining ‘Full Membership’ will occur at the next Chapter meeting.

Click here to download the membership form

Good Luck, we look forward to riding with you.

Patriots DFMC